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  • Foosh Energy Mints Tin
    Foosh Energy Mints Tin

    Foosh tins will be out of stock for several months.

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Foosh Energy Mints Tin

Foosh Energy Mints Tin

Foosh Energy Mints Tin

Foosh tins will be out of stock for several months.

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Foosh tins will be out of stock for several months.

Foosh Energy Mints keep you going in a fast moving world!
No time to brew coffee or chug a can of bad tasting energy drink? Sugar-free Foosh Mints are the most caffeinated mint around and contain the same kick as a cup of coffee. Foosh Energy Mints have a power-packed blend of caffeine, ginseng, taurine, and five B vitamins.

No chilling, no heating, no spilling! Each and every Foosh Mint contains 25% MORE caffeine than an entire can of the leading energy drink. 100mg of caffeine per mint to be exact. 12 mints per tin.

  • Serving Size - One mint
  • Caffeine Content Per Serving - 100 mg
Marilyn H

Hate these things. They have a good kick but the bitter taste literally gags me. I've had many caffeinated mints and these just don't appeal to me, unfortunately.

    Kevin J

    Great Stuff! Four tins keep me busy until my next purchase.

      Kristin I

      I LOVE these mints! They really give you a boost if you're dragging. They taste very similar to Altoids - clean peppermint flavor unlike so many breathmints that mostly taste like sweetener. It's really convenient to have a caffeine boost without soda/energy drinks/coffee - you can stay awake on road trips without increasing bathroom stops!

      Tip for the real junkie - don't suck it like a candy, put it under your tongue or between your gums and side of your mouth. The caffeine is absorbed directly into the bloodstream for a faster boost! (just like those nicotine gums)

        William R

        I was first curious if these were going to work but dang,I sure am happy I bought them! These little mints pack a powerful punch of caffeine! I highly recommend them!

          Lisa M

          I LOVE Foosh Energy Mints! Power-packed with peppermint to totally freshen your breath while giving you a real caffeine kick! Love that you don't have to eat a handful of these mints to get a kickstart...1 mint & I'm good to go! Can't live without my Foosh! :)

            Abby A

            Dude. I love these. I actually have to break them in half just to keep my heart rate below heart attack level. Yes, the texture is odd. But if you need a legal boost of energy, Foosh is the best.

              Catherine S

              I just received my Foosh Energy Mints in the mail 3 days after I ordered them. I took one this morning and it tasted like a regular peppermint mint. The texture of the mint towards the end was a little weird, but it still tasted good so that wasn't a big deal. Within a few minutes the caffeine kicked in and WOW the company wasn't kidding.

              I am a law student with finals coming up and I can't wait to use these in order to study late into the night and then wake up the next morning to start studying again. If you are like me (I hate the taste of coffee and tea doesn't wake me up), buy these mints because they are great! I'm glad that I bought 5 tins. When I run out I will certainly be buying more!

                Brent P

                The first time you have one of these you might spit it out. Because the texture of the mint gets all bumpy after a few minutes.

                Nevertheless, 100mg of caffeine in such a small mint is great... Once you have about 30 of these you'll get totally used to them and they wont bug you at all

                  Ben N

                  I think these mints taste kind of gross around 30 percent through. The texture gets pretty rough. The caffeine factor is amazing though, which is why I bought them in the first place. If they tasted a little less harsh I'd enjoy them alot more. Great buy for the kick though!

                    victer l

                    These things are awesome! Perfect for when you dont have time to make coffee just pop one of these in your mouth and you are set! However, it only takes 60 of these little guys to kill you from caffeine overdoes, so consume in moderation!

                      Davy J

                      Forget altoids! Get Foosh! Awesome Boost of Energy, DO NOT EAT A WHOLE PACK AT ONCE! LOL

                        J. S

                        i have to agree that these things are potent! if you forget to brush your teeth, have sinus trouble , and have trouble staying of these is all you flavor and it will definitely wake you up!

                          Damon B

                          Foosh Energy mints ROCK! 100mg of caffiene each! Just don't eat them when you need to sit still and be quiet. Oh, and thanks Chemical Evolution for throwing in some free Ummph! and Turbo Truffles!

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                            Foosh Energy Mints Tin

                            Foosh Energy Mints Tin

                            Foosh tins will be out of stock for several months.

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                            Sorbitol, Caffeine, Natural Peppermint Extract, Other Natural and Artificial Flavors, Proprietary Synergistic Energy Blend: (Taurine, Ginseng, Vitamins: Niacinamide, Pantothenic Acid, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Thiamin Mononitrate, Cyanocobalamin), Magnesium Stearate, Salt, Sucrolose, Acesulfame-K, Aspartame*, Blue 1. * Phenylketonurics: contains Phenylalanine

                            Amount Per Serving
                            Calories From Fat0
                            % Daily Value
                            Total Fat0 g0 %
                            Saturated Fat0 g0 %
                            Trans Fat0 g0 %
                            Cholesterol0 mg0 %
                            Sodium0 mg0 %
                            Total Carbohydrate2 g0 %
                            Dietary Fiber0 g0 %
                            Sugar2 g
                            Protein0 g
                            Vitamin A0 %
                            Vitamin C0 %
                            Calcium0 %
                            Iron0 %